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    OpenTaste Story

    Online Marketplace for Fresh Food

    Combining fresher, convenience and lower prices, OpenTaste is revolutionizing the way consumers buy food.

    If you want organic carrots from USA, truss tomatoes from Australia or simply pineapples from Malaysia, all in one shopping trip, we can make that happen." proclaimed David, the CEO of OpenTaste. "We are re-inventing the global food supply chain, by building a platform that connects farms directly with consumers. We are not your typical e-commerce grocery enterprise, we do not hold inventory nor mark up prices. We are a technology-driven logistics company that is building a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain superhighway

    OpenTaste is an innovative online marketplace for fresh food. It has built an effective perishable produce logistics service, gathering products from over 200 farms and food manufacturers across 6 countries, and growing. The company prides itself on delivering these products in the shortest possible time from farm to consumer, and at prices that are incredibly low.

    This unique online platform acts as a global farmer's market, connecting consumers with farmers and foodmakers. At the click of a button, consumers can now buy farm-fresh produce, dairy, meat, seafood and pantry items directly from global sources at wholesale prices and have them delivered within 36 hours. How is this possible?

    Very simply, OpenTaste is not a food vendor or supermarket. Rather it is an innovative logistics enterprise built by a highly passionate team, developing technology and designing processes to extract efficiency at every point of the food supply chain. Food wastage levels are also extremely low, with a dump rate that is significantly lower than the industry average of 13%. The last mile solution where orders are packed and delivered to customers adds to the efficiency gains. Leveraging on their proprietary crowdsourcing system, members of the community with time to spare can sign up to pack or deliver orders to customers, earning additional income in doing so.

    The end result? Consumers get more choices and at better prices, farmers get access to a bigger market, receive a fairer deal and is paid on time, and the community on the whole benefits from putting assets to work which would otherwise have been left idle.

    We want our customers to enjoy organic and fresh produce everyday." continued David. "That is why we guarantee better choices and better savings compared to leading grocery stores. The food you get is fresher and delivered within 36 hours. This innovative system not only help overseas sellers but also works perfectly to help local merchants connect directly to consumers, bypassing the traditional supermarkets. We are so proud to stand behind the OpenTaste concept and are excited to watch it become a part of your everyday life.

    Since the launch of the business, OpenTaste has made bold strides in both the technology and fresh produce industries. They are focussed on developing the most efficient solution to bringing fresh food items from across the world and delivering them to customers with the fastest transportation and best savings. It is now possible for consumers to buy the food they desire, from the origins they prefer, and wholesale prices!

    As we source our products from many small farms and producers, and as we do change the source time and again depending on their price competitiveness and quality, it is not practical to list every farm's name on our e-store. We are however able to showcase a few of them as an example of our sources every time