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    Welcome to AQINA FARM

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    Our Chicken are raised compliance to organic Standard. They are also free from Homone, Vaccines and antibiotic that are commonly used in conventional poltry. We are serious and careful about our chicken feed. Only the best raw material of food grade soy, corn, wheat, bran are used. To ensure happy and healthy chickens, we use natural bio-based compunds such as: - Actigen : functions to bind pathogen from raw feed ingredients. -Lacto-Sacc- Functions to Pormote healthy gut; hence better immune system. Use of bio-based compunds above will results in: - Better conversion of good quality protein in chicken meat - reduce amount of fat intake by the chicken - assurance of zero anti-biotic growth promoter compund

    Farm Fresh & Organic.
    Wholesale Prices.
    Always 30-50% OFF + Free Delivery.
    We monitor our price daily against Cold Storage and organic items against SuperNature. You can visit these websites below for their price.

    Cold Storage: coldstorage.com.sg
    Super Nature: supernature.com.sg/eshop/shop.php

    You may be surprised by how our price can be 30-50% lower than supermarket, here is our formula.

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